Top 3 Web Metrics Tools to Track Your Website Performance

Top 3 Web Metrics Tools to Track Your Website Performance

To make sure your website can survive on the internet, it is important to monitor its performance regularly. There are many ways to monitor your website performance. In this article, we will elaborate some of them for your reference.

The list below will explain about each tools briefly:
• Visitor primary purpose: many web owners check their page views to see the amount of visitors visit their pages. However, this page view does not tell the reason why the visitor visit the pages, only show the amount of times the pages were accessed. To understand the purpose, as a web owner, you can just place a survey at the main page where people access the most and ask about the reason why they visit your website and the things they liked or disliked in your website.

• Click-density analysis: by using this metrics tool, you can see whether the visitors of your pages click on the link you want or not. This tool is very powerful because you can see various segments of what your customers are doing. You can find out that traffic that originate from Google has different actions from the traffic originate from Yahoo!

• Traffic checkers: you can always use third-party tools to understand the activities happen in your website. Most of traffic checkers will give you various information about your website, such as your competitors, backlinks, rankings on search engines, paid advertising, and the amount of traffic you earn from the ranking. These information will be useful to improve your website’s performance.

Other than metrics tools mentioned above, there are still other metrics tools you can use to determine your website performance, such as web traffic data and web beacons. The most ideal however, is to use all metrics tools possible so you can get the most comprehensive information.

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