Three Recommended Ways to Estimate a Website's Traffic

Three Recommended Ways to Estimate a Website’s Traffic

To be able to validate contents of a website, you need to know the amount of traffic that website earn. By understanding the traffic, you can learn from those website on how to get such a good traffic or how to avoid a poor traffic. This article will explain some tips on how to measure the traffic of websites.

You can read the explanation of each tips on the list below:
– Comments on post: one of the useful way to see the popularity of a blog or website is to see the amount of comments they have each post. Approximately among 200 readers, at least one person will leave a comment. So, if your post around 30 non-spam comments, it means your website has been viewed approximately 6000 times.
– View counts: if you put a video in your website, you can check on the view count of that video. Make sure to upload the video for public. To estimate the amount of people that view your website, you need to pay attention to the upload date. Divide the amount of view you have to the amount of days or months after the upload date and you will get the estimated number of viewer.
– Using by using the service provided by this website, you will be able to compare your website with your competitors on the search engine rankings. It will inform you your position in the ranking and the amount of people that are using that specific search term. It is a very great tool that gain popularity nowadays.

Three Recommended Ways to Estimate a Website's TrafficThe list above already elaborate several ways to estimate the traffic of a website. While these tips are only for estimation, it will help you to understand the general performance of your website and the possible way to improve it in the future.

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