Website Traffic Measurement

Three Tips on Website Traffic Measurement

Website traffic is a very important aspect for people who want to earn money from internet. There are many ways to measure your website’s traffic. This article will elaborate some tips to know the amount of traffic a website get.

The list below will explain each tips on website traffic measurement briefly:

– Checking on “Advertise Here” pages: this way can be considered as the most accurate alternative to measure the amount of traffic a website has. When a blog is attempting to sell space for advertisement, they have to inform to their advertiser the amount of unique impressions and views the advertisement is going to earn each month. You can go to BuySellAds pages to check a website’s traffic before buying their advertising space.

– Searching for interviews: many successful website owners perform interviews to talk about the way they created their website and what strategy that works to develop their site. These people are usually more open to share their traffic stats than you would imagine. You can also search for archived articles of the blog. Successful websites often have traffic report post.

– Total comment counts: if you comment on some blog provider, you will be redirected to the page where your comment will be shown after you leave a comment on a blog. If you see at the URL, you may find a sequence of number, which indicate that your comment is the nth number in the website. However, spam comments are included in this number, so, assume at least 75% of the comments are spam and you will get the estimated total comment counts

The paragraph above already elaborate about some suggestions from that you can follow to determine the traffic of a website. You can use these tips to find out the traffic of your own website or your competitors and find a way to improve your website.

Things That Will Boost the Google Index over Your Website

Things That Will Boost the Google Index over Your Website

Being indexed by Google is considered as one nice thing for many website manager or blogger. That is because if your website or blog has been indexed by Google, you will get more visitors over your website or blog. As the result, if your website or blog has been monetized, you can get more money from the increasing number of visitors to your blog or website. Unfortunately, being indexed by one of the biggest search engines is not that easy. Many people have to wait for months to be indexed by Google. If you do not want to experience the same thing and you want your website or blog to be indexed by Google as soon as possible, there are some simple things that will boost that thing. Here are some of those things.

The first one is the consistency of your website or blog. The meaning or being consistent is that you need to upload some new contents regularly and periodically. That is because the Google Bots will detect the new contents on your website or blog and if you are uploading the new contents regularly, you can be sure that this will boost the performance of your blog or website. Therefore, you will get the better index from Google. The second thing that you can try is adding some external links in your website that can help the people who are looking for something on your website. The meaning of external link is that you can try to add some your personal video related with the contents that you have or you can simply put a link from YouTube. Or else, you can also try to add some pictures to give the better image from the contents that you have in your website or blog.

The last but not least, you need to be sure that the visitors have the social sharing function to use from your website. There are some people who tend to share some information that they get from a website or blog if the information is good enough. This is your chance to be promoted for free by that kind of visitors. Therefore, make sure that you let the visitors have that kind of control. This way, you will be able to spread your website or blog without having to do it alone. So, are you ready to do all of those things above to boost the Google index over your website?

Bing and Google as The Popular Search Engine

Bing and Google as The Popular Search Engine

Talking about internet, it cannot be separated from search engines. Search engine has made internet more useful since search engines provide helps for users to search some sites based on what they need to find out. In this case, search engines have developed well right now. Search engine is not just for looking for websites. They can also provide some useful information about recommended hotels and its price, tourism spots and how to get there, and other things. These are able to be accessed easily by using the search engine. Talking about it, there are some famous search engine so far. At the old times, Yahoo used to be one of the most famous search engine, but its position was taken by Google. Right now, Google’s domination is shaken by its competitor, Bing. With this, right now there are Google and Bing as the top search engines used by users.

Google may have been so popular. It has been working for some years and this is older than Bing. 1998 becomes the important year for Google since it was the moment when Larry Page and Sergey Brin started to developed Google. At that time, it was not named as Google, but it started to developed up to nowadays. Google is successful in tackling down Yahoo for its popularity. One of the great things about Google is that this search engine keeps updating its algorithm. This is a good news for users since this keeps adapting with how users use the search engine and what users need when they are accessing search engine. Google keep trying to innovate and improve in order to provide users with satisfaction. This is how Google can be so popular. This search engine has interesting and easy interface, so it is very friendly for users. Moreover, it is integrated to some features, such as cloud storages as found in Google Drive, maps as found in Google Maps, and other medias. With this integration, Google is able to provide more access and suitable information for users. Moreover, Google also developed Android as operating system for mobile devices, so it is more interesting and popular nowadays.

Although Google has become so popular, existence of Bing cannot be ignored. Bing is the search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation. This becomes the evolution of MSN Search that was found as the default search engine for Internet Explorer. As the development of Windows Operating System, Internet Explorer has evolved into Microsoft Edge and MSN evolves into Bing. Bing was released for the first time in 2009 and it has made some updates and innovation. These innovations make Bing able to take domination of Google. It may not be able to take up to half of the shares owned by Google, but it is competitive enough to push and threaten Google.

Bing, Search Engine from Microsoft Corporation

Bing, Search Engine from Microsoft Corporation

People must have known about search engine. This has become so important right now. With the growth of internet, functions and roles of search engine is getting significant. These are some important. Nowadays, it is not the era to look for information from encyclopedias. The thick books are no longer the main sources of many general information. Search engines have replaced those functions and this is even easier. It does not need heavy pages just for some catalogues or theme of information. Search engines are accessed online through browser and sources of information can be obtained in just few seconds. This is so fast and this makes these engines so efficient to find many kinds of things. It is not limited to the general knowledge as found in encyclopedias and other books. People can also easily get recommendation of restaurants, tourism spots, and many other things.

About the search engines, there are many of them. One of them is Bing. For those who use Windows and Microsoft as its main sources of software, they will be so familiar about Bing. Bing has become the latest search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation. This search engine is kind of evolution from Windows Live Search and MSN Search. They who used to work with Internet Explorer will know these two search engines. Now, internet explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge and Bing becomes the default search engine of this default browser of PCs with Windows Operating System. There are some good points offered by Bing that makes this more popular compared to MSN Search. Bing can take some of the shares that has been dominated by Google for long time. Of course, Bing may be less popular since Bing is new and 2009 the time when this search engine was released for the first time.

One of the good points offered by Bing is about its search feature. With Bing, users can easily search by using the voice search. in fact, other browsers, such as Google, has also developed the same system and feature, but it seems that Bing still provides the better access for it. Moreover, it is easy to use since it is default browsers in Windows Operating System. Even, in Mac OS, some users prefer Bing to the famous Google. For its quality results, Bing is also good. It can also be seen when Bing is used for searching images and videos. Some results show that Bing can provide better resolutions and quality. Of course, there are still other things that Bing can offer for its users.