Bing, Search Engine from Microsoft Corporation

Bing, Search Engine from Microsoft Corporation

People must have known about search engine. This has become so important right now. With the growth of internet, functions and roles of search engine is getting significant. These are some important. Nowadays, it is not the era to look for information from encyclopedias. The thick books are no longer the main sources of many general information. Search engines have replaced those functions and this is even easier. It does not need heavy pages just for some catalogues or theme of information. Search engines are accessed online through browser and sources of information can be obtained in just few seconds. This is so fast and this makes these engines so efficient to find many kinds of things. It is not limited to the general knowledge as found in encyclopedias and other books. People can also easily get recommendation of restaurants, tourism spots, and many other things.

About the search engines, there are many of them. One of them is Bing. For those who use Windows and Microsoft as its main sources of software, they will be so familiar about Bing. Bing has become the latest search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation. This search engine is kind of evolution from Windows Live Search and MSN Search. They who used to work with Internet Explorer will know these two search engines. Now, internet explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge and Bing becomes the default search engine of this default browser of PCs with Windows Operating System. There are some good points offered by Bing that makes this more popular compared to MSN Search. Bing can take some of the shares that has been dominated by Google for long time. Of course, Bing may be less popular since Bing is new and 2009 the time when this search engine was released for the first time.

One of the good points offered by Bing is about its search feature. With Bing, users can easily search by using the voice search. in fact, other browsers, such as Google, has also developed the same system and feature, but it seems that Bing still provides the better access for it. Moreover, it is easy to use since it is default browsers in Windows Operating System. Even, in Mac OS, some users prefer Bing to the famous Google. For its quality results, Bing is also good. It can also be seen when Bing is used for searching images and videos. Some results show that Bing can provide better resolutions and quality. Of course, there are still other things that Bing can offer for its users.

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