Bing and Google as The Popular Search Engine

Bing and Google as The Popular Search Engine

Talking about internet, it cannot be separated from search engines. Search engine has made internet more useful since search engines provide helps for users to search some sites based on what they need to find out. In this case, search engines have developed well right now. Search engine is not just for looking for websites. They can also provide some useful information about recommended hotels and its price, tourism spots and how to get there, and other things. These are able to be accessed easily by using the search engine. Talking about it, there are some famous search engine so far. At the old times, Yahoo used to be one of the most famous search engine, but its position was taken by Google. Right now, Google’s domination is shaken by its competitor, Bing. With this, right now there are Google and Bing as the top search engines used by users.

Google may have been so popular. It has been working for some years and this is older than Bing. 1998 becomes the important year for Google since it was the moment when Larry Page and Sergey Brin started to developed Google. At that time, it was not named as Google, but it started to developed up to nowadays. Google is successful in tackling down Yahoo for its popularity. One of the great things about Google is that this search engine keeps updating its algorithm. This is a good news for users since this keeps adapting with how users use the search engine and what users need when they are accessing search engine. Google keep trying to innovate and improve in order to provide users with satisfaction. This is how Google can be so popular. This search engine has interesting and easy interface, so it is very friendly for users. Moreover, it is integrated to some features, such as cloud storages as found in Google Drive, maps as found in Google Maps, and other medias. With this integration, Google is able to provide more access and suitable information for users. Moreover, Google also developed Android as operating system for mobile devices, so it is more interesting and popular nowadays.

Although Google has become so popular, existence of Bing cannot be ignored. Bing is the search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation. This becomes the evolution of MSN Search that was found as the default search engine for Internet Explorer. As the development of Windows Operating System, Internet Explorer has evolved into Microsoft Edge and MSN evolves into Bing. Bing was released for the first time in 2009 and it has made some updates and innovation. These innovations make Bing able to take domination of Google. It may not be able to take up to half of the shares owned by Google, but it is competitive enough to push and threaten Google.

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