Measure Your Website's Traffic

Best 3 Traffic Checker to Measure Your Website’s Traffic

Understanding the amount of traffic a website earn is very important to validate the content of the website and allow you to understand how much traffic is needed to earn similar result. This article will give you some good references.

Here are several website you can use to get information about your website’s traffic:

• Using this website can be considered as one among the top tracking tools available on internet. This software offers a lot of information regarding website traffic, including ranking comparison with your competitors, which pages that get the most traffic, the rankings in search engine, the amount of traffic earned by a site from the search engine ranking, which domains result the highest traffic to your site, and broken, lost, and new backlinks. It is also very useful to find out how to enhance your site.

• Using this traffic checker for website is pretty similar to It also provides many details about the traffic of a website. The main feature given by this traffic checker is the line graph with the number of daily unique viewers and their sources. They will also provide information about which country access your website the most, best destination sites (your competitors), best referring sites, audience interest, display ads, and ten organic keywords.

• Using this traffic checker provides similar information compared to previous ones, such as backlinks, paid advertising, competitors, rankings on search engines, and the amount of traffic earned from the ranking. You will be able to estimate the amount of popularity and traffic you get based on the information given by this traffic checker.

Those are several traffic checkers available in the internet that are recommended to measure the traffic of a website and other important information to improve the website performance. You can choose any of them according to your needs and wants.

Website Traffic Measurement

Three Tips on Website Traffic Measurement

Website traffic is a very important aspect for people who want to earn money from internet. There are many ways to measure your website’s traffic. This article will elaborate some tips to know the amount of traffic a website get.

The list below will explain each tips on website traffic measurement briefly:

– Checking on “Advertise Here” pages: this way can be considered as the most accurate alternative to measure the amount of traffic a website has. When a blog is attempting to sell space for advertisement, they have to inform to their advertiser the amount of unique impressions and views the advertisement is going to earn each month. You can go to BuySellAds pages to check a website’s traffic before buying their advertising space.

– Searching for interviews: many successful website owners perform interviews to talk about the way they created their website and what strategy that works to develop their site. These people are usually more open to share their traffic stats than you would imagine. You can also search for archived articles of the blog. Successful websites often have traffic report post.

– Total comment counts: if you comment on some blog provider, you will be redirected to the page where your comment will be shown after you leave a comment on a blog. If you see at the URL, you may find a sequence of number, which indicate that your comment is the nth number in the website. However, spam comments are included in this number, so, assume at least 75% of the comments are spam and you will get the estimated total comment counts

The paragraph above already elaborate about some suggestions from that you can follow to determine the traffic of a website. You can use these tips to find out the traffic of your own website or your competitors and find a way to improve your website.

Three Recommended Ways to Estimate a Website's Traffic

Three Recommended Ways to Estimate a Website’s Traffic

To be able to validate contents of a website, you need to know the amount of traffic that website earn. By understanding the traffic, you can learn from those website on how to get such a good traffic or how to avoid a poor traffic. This article will explain some tips on how to measure the traffic of websites.

You can read the explanation of each tips on the list below:
– Comments on post: one of the useful way to see the popularity of a blog or website is to see the amount of comments they have each post. Approximately among 200 readers, at least one person will leave a comment. So, if your post around 30 non-spam comments, it means your website has been viewed approximately 6000 times.
– View counts: if you put a video in your website, you can check on the view count of that video. Make sure to upload the video for public. To estimate the amount of people that view your website, you need to pay attention to the upload date. Divide the amount of view you have to the amount of days or months after the upload date and you will get the estimated number of viewer.
– Using by using the service provided by this website, you will be able to compare your website with your competitors on the search engine rankings. It will inform you your position in the ranking and the amount of people that are using that specific search term. It is a very great tool that gain popularity nowadays.

Three Recommended Ways to Estimate a Website's TrafficThe list above already elaborate several ways to estimate the traffic of a website. While these tips are only for estimation, it will help you to understand the general performance of your website and the possible way to improve it in the future.

3 Recommended Website Ranking

3 Recommended Website Ranking

Search engine optimization or SEO is very important to ensure your website will remain floating. You need to understand your website position on search engines. In this article, we will give reviews on some ranking tools you can use to determine your ranking.

You can read the explanation of several recommended ranking tools on the list below:
– Web SEO: this website provides a helpful free trial run. You can easily and quickly download the ranking tool provided by this website to your computer. You do not have to enter any credit card information. It enables you to compare the ranking of your website with more than 300 search engines on both global and local level. If the website has run for a long time, you are given an advantage to see your website ranking history.
Google PageRank Checker– Google PageRank Checker: this is another free tool you can use to see the ranking of your website during its initiation weeks. Just copy and paste your URL to the system, and they will provide you the rating of your website from 1 to 10 scale regarding how your site ranks in Google. Even though this tool doesn’t analyze results from other search engines, it is still a good way to get the general idea of your page ranks.
– SEOCombine: this website provides a free trial version of their ranking tool. It enables you to check the keywords used in your website and their current ranking. You can choose broad overview on various search engine or select the specific one. You can also compare your site to your competitors.

3 Recommended Website RankingThe list above already explain several website ranking tools you can use to see the ranking of your on various search engines. The results of this ranking can be used to improve the performance of your website.

3 Tips to Increase Traffic and Engagement to Your Website

3 Tips to Increase Traffic and Engagement to Your Website

If you are currently considering to switch into online marketing instead of conventional one, website traffic and engagement are the two important aspect to ensure your success. In this article, we will elaborate some useful suggestions for you to follow.

Here are some tips to increase the traffic of your website:
– Utilize automation tools: if you have spare money, you can use freelancer or third-party services to do any web-traffic related stuff. By using these automation tools, you will be able to get a better result compared to the result you get by your own. There are a lot of resources and tools available on the market to help you master the key channels that drive the traffic. You can search for some reviews to make sure you do not choose the wrong tools.
– Be a guest blogger: if you want to spread information about your business, guest blogging can be considered as one among the best stepping stone. Most third-party publishing sites allow the writers to link to their business website in their author bio, which provide a huge opportunity to inform new possible customers regarding the business and create quality. Look for top-ranking sites and write for them to promote your business.
– Maintain the quality of your website: quality, after all, would not only impact the experience of the visitors, but also affect your position in SEO rankings. You need to focus on factors that are considered by search engines when they determine a ranking of a website, such as implementation of long-tail keyword, site sped, and mobile optimization.

3 Tips to Increase Traffic and Engagement to Your WebsiteThose are several ways to enhance the traffic and engagement of your website. You can also try email marketing to promote your blog to pre-existing visitors to increase the engagement of your website. Make sure to be patient, as it may not immediately take effect.