4 Steps to Measure Your Website Traffic

4 Steps to Measure Your Website Traffic

You can measure your website traffic by putting code created by a traffic-measuring service. This code are able to track various information and statistics, such as the mount of visitors, the demographic of your visitors, and how long they stay on your website.

Here are several steps to measure the traffic of your website.
• Registering to a traffic-measuring services: there are a lot of traffic-measuring services available on the internet. Google Analytics is one among the most popular service that measures and tracks the performance of a website in traffic.
• Adding the tracking code of the service to your website: traffic-measuring services often offer code to be copied and pasted into your website’s code. You may need to sign into your account and follow the instructions provided by the service to find the tracking code.
• Checking at reports for the traffic of your website: these reports are also known as website metrics reports. You may have to wait for a day or more for the code to collect data for the reports from tracking your visitors and their related activity and information on your https://agensbobet108.com website. You may also need to sign into your account in the tracking service.
• Using a counter for website traffic: a traffic-measuring site for websites including StatCounter can be useful for you to measure your website traffic. It usually offers a counter to be displayed on your sites. Some traffic-measuring sites also allows you to customize the counter, such as the color, font, the amount of digits displayed, and many more.

Those are the steps on how to measure the traffic of your website. If you are not sure about how to put the tracking code to your website, you can try to send the code to the administrator or developer of your website through email.

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