Website's Performance

Three Recommended Tools to Measure Your Website’s Performance

The performance of your website is very important for online business. It is very crucial to monitor your website performance regularly to make sure the website will be able to deliver its purpose. This article will elaborate some good tools you can use to measure it.

Some of the useful tools will be explained on the following list below:

• Web traffic data: this web metrics tool can be considered as the most popular and useful. You can call a traffic data as goldmine, because it contains many valuable information, including the request time and date, the requester’s authenticated user name, the IP address of the visitor, which pages were visited, the referring page, the amount of bytes received and sent, the amount of visitors, and many more.

• Multichannel-impact analysis: by using this web metrics tool, you will be able to calculate the amount of traffic created by various channels, such as print ads, radio, or television. In this way, you are able to accurately monitor where the traffic is originated from and estimate which sources of channels are the most profitable.

• Task-completion rates: this metrics tool is able to help you understand if your visitors actually do an action to finish a task they found on the web page; for instance, if a visitor went to your FAQs page and chose on the provided link to read an article. It will helps you define if the contents put on every web page really works. This tool is particularly important when it comes to measuring abandonment rate of shopping cart.

Those are several useful tools you can use to measure your website performance. By understanding the performance, you will be able to determine in which part your website is lacking and how to improve that lacking part and improve the overall performance.

Improve Website Traffic

3 Useful Ways to Improve Website Traffic

Growing the traffic of your website to increase your sales or engagement can be a challenging task. However, it is very important for entrepreneurs that are serious in improving their leads and sales. This article will explain some useful tips for your reference.

You can read the explanation of each tips on the following list below:
• Providing free contents: consistent blogging is able to increase the inbound traffic of your website up to three times, which is why regular content posting is a recommended way to attract visitors. However, consistent blogging is just a stepping stone. Providing free contents, such as free access to special seminars or e-book is the true way to enhance your traffic. You will not only have to write your content, but also make it appealing visually and spread the link through social media platforms.
• Email marketing: do not waste your time to gain new customers. Instead, focus on your pre-existing clients as they have a better tendency to go back to your website and create additional purchases. These pre-existing clients just need an additional reminder, and the recommended way to remind them is via email marketing. The collected email addressed from paying customers, landing pages, and social media can be used to create targeted lists.
• Updating the listings: third-party listings may play a key role in whether visitors will find your business or not. You need to make sure that people who discover these listings are offered with accurate company info and URLs. It will also help you respond and monitor the reviews.

The list above already elaborate several useful suggestions on how to increase your online sales or engagement through improving traffic of your website. Do not be in a rush and take it easy, as it may not take effect as fast as you hope.