Website Traffic Measurement

Three Tips on Website Traffic Measurement

Website traffic is a very important aspect for people who want to earn money from internet. There are many ways to measure your website’s traffic. This article will elaborate some tips to know the amount of traffic a website get.

The list below will explain each tips on website traffic measurement briefly:

– Checking on “Advertise Here” pages: this way can be considered as the most accurate alternative to measure the amount of traffic a website has. When a blog is attempting to sell space for advertisement, they have to inform to their advertiser the amount of unique impressions and views the advertisement is going to earn each month. You can go to BuySellAds pages to check a website’s traffic before buying their advertising space.

– Searching for interviews: many successful website owners perform interviews to talk about the way they created their website and what strategy that works to develop their site. These people are usually more open to share their traffic stats than you would imagine. You can also search for archived articles of the blog. Successful websites often have traffic report post.

– Total comment counts: if you comment on some blog provider, you will be redirected to the page where your comment will be shown after you leave a comment on a blog. If you see at the URL, you may find a sequence of number, which indicate that your comment is the nth number in the website. However, spam comments are included in this number, so, assume at least 75% of the comments are spam and you will get the estimated total comment counts

The paragraph above already elaborate about some suggestions from that you can follow to determine the traffic of a website. You can use these tips to find out the traffic of your own website or your competitors and find a way to improve your website.